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Hi Mike,

Daniel knows this, but you may not. I am 63 years young & Old School. If I ask a question, not only am I looking for an answer, BUT the right answer even if it's not what I want to hear. With that being said.......Just wanted to let you know about the refi... Daniel is a keeper. Fastest refi we have ever done. He not only relayed to us everything the credit coach was telling him, he also got everything done AND on the money as far as the payment and exactly what it would be. He did an outstanding job, AND followed up after the closing to ensure everything went well. Due to his unbelievable speed and accuracy, (I asked if we could get it done before Thanksgiving) he said he would do his best, I have a couple of folks that will be calling him to talk refi as well.

Hope you have a Great Thanksgiving, because Linda & I will (we closed today and everything was perfect).

Thanks to you and your team.... GREAT job.......

Kevin and Linda M.
New Hampshire