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Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty

My name is Denise Demico, and I am an agent with Coldwell Banker Vanguard in Jacksonville Florida ranked #3 in my company and in the top 3% out of all agents in North East Florida. I was referred to Reliance First Capital some time ago to handle all the referrals of a pool of listings.

I am very skeptical of lenders, their level of service, fees, and promises of delivery in time of buyer’s packages, so you can only imagine my “guard” being up at first with my first few transactions.

However, I am extremely pleased with Reliance First Capital. Since closing many transactions this year I have found that dealing with an out of stat lender has been an effortless process. From start to finish the employee’s telephone manners, knowledge, reassurance and follow-up with buyer’s, title companies, and us agents keeps the work flow on task to ensure packages are delivered on time for successful closings. I have now started referring buyers for other properties to Reliance First Capital.

Denise Demico
Jacksonville Florida